General Dentistry

Dental Arts Studio provides preventive and restorative dental work for the entire family.

Our general dentistry treatments listed below are designed to help you regain an optimal level of oral health, especially after incidences of gum disease or tooth decay.

Deep Cleaning

This treatment is carried out by one of our dental hygienists who will ensure that harmful plaque and bacteria are eliminated, leaving your whole mouth and teeth spotless.

Periodontal Cleaning

When gum problems evolve they become periodontal disease, it is important to carry out a more thorough clean in order to get rid of the solidified plaque and tartar which could harbour the infection.

Oral Cancer

During your cleanings, your dentist will examine your mouth for any signs of oral cancer.
Your dentist can screen for changes in your soft tissues that may be an indication of oral cancer.
You will also be able to talk with your dentist about any pain or concerns you may have about the condition of your oral health.

Common symptoms of oral cancer include:
A sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal
A sore in the mouth that bleeds periodically
A growth in the lining of the mouth
Changing skin texture within the mouth
Pain while chewing or swallowing

At Dental Arts Studio we are equipped with the latest detection technology and are able to rapidly diagnose any signs of oral cancer as well as advising on any necessary treatment. You would also be advised about new dietary requirements once the oral cancer is under control so that you minimise the risk of any relapse.

Dental Arts Studio is committed to providing state of the art dentistry

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