Facial Aesthetics

At Dental Arts Studio, we are pleased to introduce a new range of non-surgical cosmetics treatments

Specialists in non surgical medical facial enhancements, the clinic provides a wide selection of premium non surgical treatments, including anti-wrinkle treatment, juvederm dermal filler injections, and other highly effective procedures.


A great non-surgical alternative to a facelift and are specifically designed to help smooth out the common signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin for a more refined, youthful appearance. As we get older and our skin loses its elasticity, the frequent contraction of our facial muscles can create folds leaving our faces with expression lines and wrinkles. Our anti-wrinkle treatments use a highly purified protein to block the signals from the nerves to the muscles. This results in the muscles relaxing and stops them from contracting, helping to smooth out lines and tighten your skin for an overall rejuvenated appearance. Because of the use of a very fine needle, anti-wrinkle injectables are incredibly precise, allowing for highly targeted areas of concern to be treated.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.


After the anti-wrinkle treatments, the results can usually be seen within 3 – 5 days but will reach optimal results at around 10 – 14 days. The treatment results can last approximately 3 – 5 months. Following deep wrinkle treatment, you must remain upright for at least 4 hours, avoid exercise for 24 hours and avoid exposure to any excessive heat (such as saunas, sun-beds, or steam rooms) for 3 days. Please note that recovery from any anti-wrinkle treatment is unique to each patient and something that will be discussed in detail with your Treatment Coordinator.


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