Regular Dental Cleanings / Deep Cleaning

Dental hygiene is a key part of good oral health.

Visiting your hygienist regularly for a deep cleaning is important it will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular visits should be done at least every 6 months or as recommended by your hygienist.

Meeting with your dental hygienist is important for preventative measures as it removes plaque bacteria which are the cause of tooth decay and gum diseases.

Dental Hygiene Services

Dental Arts Studio’s aim is to achieve the highest level of hygiene during your treatment. Our highly trained hygienists offer a scale and polish and one including the airflow as well, followed by advice about oral hygiene. Our airflow polishing effectively removes tough stains it helps to brighten the teeth and leaves you with a healthy looking smile.

Benefits of Dental Hygiene Services:

  • Surface stain removal
  • Plaque removal
  • Tartar removal
  • Reduces the chances of gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease)
  • Receiving professional advice on your oral hygiene

At Dental Arts Studio we work with you on an individual basis and budget to tailor your specific needs. Call us today to discuss the best options for you and arrange a consultation.

How to Brush

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