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Dr Karlien Willburger



Dr Karlien Willburger qualified in South Africa in 2000, and spent a year performing oral surgery in a provincial hospital and carrying out general dentistry in a private practice before joining our Enfield practice. She is particularly interested in periodontology (maintaining the support structures of teeth) and cosmetic dentistry. In her spare time she enjoys the arts, theatre, hiking, tennis, golf and socialising with friends and family.


Areas of special clinical interest – Bruxism: Grinding or clenching of teeth has far reaching effects on an individual’s wellbeing. Diagnosis, conservative treatment and intervention with dental appliances.
The addition of SCI-appliance for additional management of patients with migraines and /or bruxism.

Dental Sleep medicine: evaluation and diagnosis (with referral for further sleep tests if indicated) and provision of dental devices to reduce/stop snoring, improving the quality of sleep for the wearer and partners alike (Sleep-well Appliance).

Micro-invasive treatment for White Spot lesions. ICON is a revolutionary treatment that can improve/resolve the appearance of white spots or a mottled appearance of the teeth with no drilling.

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