City Road Fees

The time that each dental treatment takes and the materials that we use will vary from one patient to another. This guide has been produced to give a broad indication of the fees of our most popular treatments.

Before starting any treatment, we will explain and discuss the range of options open to you, and help you decide which is best suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Based on your decision, we will provide you with a full quotation in advance, ensuring there are no nasty surprises when you receive the final bill.

If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to ask - we'll be happy to help.


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New Patient Exam (incl. 2 small x-rays) £55
Clinical Examination   £48
Child Examination From £30
Emergency treatment From £65
Panoramic x-ray   £30
Small X-ray Per £10
Review   £30
Hygiene Appointment with the Dentist £80
Oral Hygiene (scale and polish) (per 30min session)   £65
Oral Hygiene (scale and polish) (per 45min session)   £90
Oral Hygiene (scale and polish) (per 1 hour session) £120
Restorations and Fillings    
Composites White fillings From £90-£220
Amalgam fillings From £60- £200
Cosmetic and Aesthetics Crowns Veneers    
Study models   £50-£100
Veneers (per tooth) From £550- £900
Overlays or Inlays   £575-£950
Crown Porcelain Bonded to Metal or Full Metal Crown From £575- £950
Metal Free Crown From £750 to £950
Front Superior Cosmetic Crown From £850 to £1,200
Post and / or pin From £95-£220
Bridge (per unit) From £575 - £950
Recement crown/ veneer From £55 - £120
Recement Bridge From £55 - £120
Central/ Lateral anterior (single nerve) From £230- £280
Pre-Molars (double nerve)   £400
Molars (three nerves) From £480-£550
Simple Extraction per tooth   £120-£150
Surgical Complex to Surgical   £170-£250
Uppper or lower Acrylic dentures From £800 to £900
Partial Acrylic denture upper or lower From £425-£650
Precision metal denture From £950-£1300
Addition to acrylic denture per tooth From £95
Removal of Plugs/ Sutures From £35
Reline denture   £150
Repair denture   £180
Bite Plate   £250 to £350
Fissure Sealants-per tooth   £30
Mouthguard From £135-£250
Removable Retainer From £150
Fixed Retainer From £180 to £220
Tooth Whitening    
Tooth whitening (Take Home)   £395
Enlighten Home   £390
Enlighten Combo   £595
Invisalign From £3800-£5500

Dr. Petros Ioannis/ Dr. Ines Forte

Implant Consultation£100
Full periodontal assessment
(45-60 min of clinical and radiographic examination, discussion with patient and letters)
Periodontal review 15min
(Clinical and/or radiographic exam of selected sites)
Periodontal reassessment
(30-45 min, full mouth assessment with radiographic assessment if necessary)
Non-surgical periodontal treatment
Treatment per quadrant - depending on severity
30 min
45 min
60 min

Treatment for combined quadrants
Half Mouth
(90 min)
Full Mouth
(2 sessions within 24hrs with adjunctive antibiotics charged extra or prescribed)

from £320

from £600
Periodontal maintenance

from £150
Surgical periodontal services
(Single or multiple excisions)
Crown Lengthening
Single unit
Two units
Three units or more

from £250
from £350
from £450
from £600
Respective/pocket reduction surgery from £400
Regenerative periodontal surgery
(Price NOT including cost of grafting materials)
from £450
Socket preservation surgery
(Price including extraction of tooth and cost of grafting materials)
Periodontal plastic surgery (Mucogingival)£550
Simple extraction
Extration only
During periodontal treatment

Surgical extractionfrom £200
Dental Implants
Depending on system and/or grafting:
1st stage implant surgery
(Price per unit NOT including cost of grafting materials)
2nd stage implant surgery
(Price depending on need for additional soft tissue or bone grafting and NOT including cost of grafting materials)
Temporary prosthesisfrom £200
Restorative part
(Price per unit, including: impressions, jaw and bite registration and lab fee)
All-inclusive ImplantDirect implant:from £1800
All-inclusive Straumann implant: from £2200
All-inclusive Zimmer implants:from £1800

Dr Glen Karunanayake

Consultation £70
Molar Endo £700
Premolar £595
Incisor £549
Apicectomy £750
Re-Root Canal £600 to £900
Child Pulpotomy
(Additional £300 if providing stainless steel crown)

Dr Parmar

Consultation £60
Simple Extractions £150 – £190
Upper Wisdom teeth/and any other surgical extraction £200 –£2505
Surgical removal of impacted lower wisdom teeth £250 - £350